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What is Locked Staking?

Locked Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network.

What will happen when I'm holding Locked Staking?

We will reduce the cryptocurrency amounts which you're holding in your spot wallet.

How to buy cryptocurrency on Bitrota Staking?

When you complete your identity verification and add your payment methods, you are now ready to receive crypto on the Bitrota Staking platform. First, choose from all the available offers on the marketplace. After that, create an order to receive your crypto and pay the seller with their preferred payment method. Finally, after you complete the fiat transfer and confirm your payment on Bitrota Staking, get your crypto from the seller.

How to sell cryptocurrency on Bitrota Staking?

You can sell cryptocurrencies instantly and securely on the Bitrota Staking platform! First, browse the crypto you want to sell and find the most suitable offer among other users' offers. To create an order, you must first transfer the cryptocurrencies you want to sell to the Staking wallet section of your account.

What are the downsides of Staking exchanges?

Staking exchanges also have disadvantages. These disadvantages include long trading times, not very intuitive user experience, and low liquidity. Compared to regular cryptocurrency exchanges, they have lower trading volumes, a smaller user base and longer trading cycles.