Bitrota Platform Fees & KYC

  • Market Maker Orders (Maker): When orders are placed, they are orders that are higher than the best buy for sales orders, and orders that are lower than the best sales for buy orders.

    Market Buyer Orders (Taker): When orders are placed, they are placed at the same price or lower with the best buy for sales orders, and orders that are equal or higher with the best sales for buy orders.

    The information shown on the order table can change instantly. Therefore, the evaluation of orders as market makers or buyers may be different from what is displayed on the interface.

    Market buyer commission rates are always applied to transactions made in the Quick Buy and Sell form.


KYC/AML Policy

  • 1. COMPANY
    ENDLESS Software Technology Corporation ( "ENDLESS"), incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Turkey and the ongoing commercial life is full compliance with the laws of a crypto currency exchanges and financial institutions.


    The purpose of this policy is to establish the overall framework by ENDLESS to combat money laundering and terrorism financing.

    ENDLESS also takes reasonable measures to control and limit the risk of money laundering / terrorism financing, including the allocation of appropriate tools.

     ENDLESS is committed to maintaining high standards of money laundering and compliance with terrorism financing (AML / CFT), and its management and employees to comply with these standards in preventing the use of their products and services for money laundering or terrorist financing.

    ENDLESS's AML program is designed to be compatible with:

    AML / CFT laws and regulations related to Europe and Turkey;
    Directives of the European Parliament and of the Council on the prevention of the use of the financial system for money laundering or terrorist financing
    Money Laundering;

    Laundering crime can generally be defined as any action taken to hide the illegal source of the proceeds from the preliminary crimes and make these revenues seem to come from a legal source.

    Laundering crime was first defined in our legal system as "Money laundering crime" in article 2 / b of Law No. 4208, which came into force on 19.11.1996. Later, it was reorganized in Article 282 of the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237, entitled June 1, 2006, entitled "Laundering Property Values ​​Due to Crime".

    In the international conventions prepared within the scope of the fight against laundering, laundering verbs are detailed. For example, Turkey is a signatory to the United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime "Crime Become brought to the Proceeds of Crime" in the 6th article titled;

    Converting or transferring the illegal source of property known to be criminal in crime or to show it differently or to help anyone involved in the committing of the crime to avoid the legal consequences of the crime committed;

     Knowing that an asset is crime income; hiding or revealing the real nature, source, location, use, actions or property or property rights.

    Knowing that such a commodity is a crime income at the time of delivery, subject to the basic concepts of the states' own legal system; acquisition, possession or use of the crime set out in this article to participate in committing or undertaking organized or by agreeing to commit a crime by helping, abetting, facilitating and guiding

    It is stated as laundering verbs.

    Terrorism financing;

     Funding or collecting in any way, directly or indirectly, in order to carry out any terrorist act, in whole or in part, for their intention to use, or knowing that they should be used in any way.

    In accordance with the AML / CFT legislation, ENDLESS has appointed the “highest level” responsible among the Board of Directors.

    In addition, a Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer is responsible for implementing the AML policy and company procedures.

    Every major change in ENDLESS's AML policy is approved by ENDLESS's Board of Directors and carefully monitored.

    Legal arrangements to prevent the use of the financial system for money laundering (ML) or terrorist financing (TF) require financial institutions to take a risk-based approach to combating ML and TF. Risk assessment is a critical component of the ENDLESS AML / CFT compliance management program.

    As part of its risk-based approach, ENDLESS has conducted an AML “Company-wide risk assessment” to identify and understand business-specific risks. ENDLESS AML risk profile is determined after determining and documenting business risks such as the products and services offered by the company, the customers that these products and services are offered, the transactions performed by these customers, the distribution channels used.

    The definition of the AML / CFT risk categories is based on ENDLESS's legal requirements, legal expectations and industry guidance.

    This policy is re-evaluated annually.


    ENDLESS has set standards for Know Your Customer (“KYC”). These standards ensure that every potential customer is given due diligence and, as required, reliable and independent, before engaging in a business relationship through identification and verification.


Coin Name Minimum withdrawal Withdrawal Fees
BTC Bitcoin 0.00100000 0.50000000
TRY Turkish lira 20.000 0.100
ETH Ethereum 0.01000000 0.60000000
XMD Mydexpay XMD 1000.00000000 0.60000000
GNC GlobalNetworkCoin 1.00000000 0.50000000
EER EthereumeRush 1.00000000 0.50000000
BTCV Bitcoin Vault 0.00200000 0.20000000
ROTA Rota PLUS 2.00000000 0.00000000
EUR Euro 50.000 0.200
MPax MPax Coin 1000.00000000 0.60000000
CRO coin 10.00000000 0.50000000
ARSM ARSM TOKEN 10.00000000 0.50000000
TLNT TALENT PLUS 50000.00000000 0.60000000
MAXI MaxidaxV1.3.1 100.00000000 0.60000000
USDT Tether USD 5.00000000 0.60000000
EOX Extraordinary coin 5.00000000 0.60000000
TRX Tron 110.00000000 0.80000000
ROTA-TRX20 ROTA TRX20 5.00000000 0.60000000
USDT-TRX20 USDT TRX20 5.00000000 0.60000000
LTC Litecoin 0.00100000 0.50000000
XRP Ripple 10.00000000 0.60000000
DOGE Doge 100.00000000 0.60000000
BCH Bitcoin cash 10.00000000 0.60000000
ZERO Zero 10.00000000 0.60000000
HAVUZ HAVUZ 20.000 0.100
SHIB SHIB 10.00000000 0.60000000